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1905 Eugene Brillie Open Drive Limousine

1905 Eugene Brillie Open Drive Limousine

The first owner of this car was Lord Lorne Edward Currie in 1905 having been manufactured and first registered at Le Havre in Northern France. Lord Currie was a winner of a gold medal at the 1900 Olympic Games in Paris for sailing.

The car came to England soon after and was first registered in Hampshire in 1910, registration number AA 486. It was used as a taxi in Lyndhurst and the New Forest for many years.

The current owner acquired the car in the mid 1970s "in a million pieces" and the restoration began in 1981 and this was finally concluded some twenty years later.

One of the 'special' events that occurred during the rebuild was the finding of some of the original interior Pasteing Lace which is now sadly, no longer being manufactured. This enabled the restoration of the interior of the car to its original very high quality, and, without doubt, this now resembles the luxury and space of an Edwardian Drawing Room!

Eugene Brillie started designing cars on his own in 1903 but ceased to do so in 1907 when he decided to concentrate on Bus and Truck design and in fact all the Paris Omnibuses around this time were Brillies. Previously he had worked with Gobron to produce the Gobron-Brillie which was a very successful enterprise. Their engines were of horizontally opposed design.

AA 486 is the only Eugene Brillie motor car left in the World as far as we are aware and as such provides a totally unique experience coupling Edwardian elegance with extreme comfort.

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